HR consulting Services

The driving force behind an organization’s vision is HR. Their responsibilities span across major workforce management including recruitment, employee relations, training and employee development. However, most of an HR employee’s productive time is saddled with tasks such as form filling, maintenance of employee records, appointment tracking and payroll management, when all that effort and energy could be better spent on strategic HR activities. While this puts increasing pressure on HR employees to complete everyday tasks such as payroll, organizations are forced to spend more on staffing needs.

Extensive data security systems for cloud based applications ensure that your employee information is protected while enabling access from anywhere, anytime. Geek Station platform is easy, error-free and the most affordable way to process your payroll. Developed with the best-of-breedsoftware, Allsec’s payroll platforms help you run any payroll in any business environment.


  • Fully automated and outsourced HR services and payroll management that cover the entire lifespan of an employee right from entry to exit.
  • Data interfaces with any ERP system for both data push and pull.
  • Role-based access controls.
  • Approval based online work flows for leave, reimbursements and appraisal modules.
  • Extremely user-friendly reporting module that enables respective stakeholders to generate detailed MIS reports.
  • Customized self-service portal which provides ultimate customer service to the employees.