Customer Care Services

With our 5+ years’ experience with providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), we’ve developed an integrated BPO platform which seamlessly combines Business Transformation Services, Knowledge Services, Front Office Services, Back Office Services, and Technology Enabled Services. Instead of focusing on a single aspect of the business process, Team-tech Geek Station Services drives performance improvement across multiple aspects of our clients’ business processes with integrated BPO; the primary element that separates us from our competition.

Team-tech Geek Station Services’s BPO has a proven record in: increasing revenues, reducing costs, improving cash flow and capital utilization, maximizing customer satisfaction, and enhancing the client’s overall competitive position.

We provide our integrated BPO services to clients in industries including technology, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, government, travel, retail, and healthcare. Since its inception, Geek Station has remained focused on a single mission, to “help improve our clients’ efficiency and productivity while delivering measurable results.” Business Transformation


  • Customer Support
  • Data Entry/ Conversation
  • Artwork and Design